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Dress Code Policy

Uniform Policy

General Uniform Information

All student clothing must be neat, clean, in good repair, modest in fit and length, and appropriate to a Chris-tian educational environment. Dress, hairstyle, or makeup should not call undue attention to the individual or be distracting. Furthermore, proper hygiene practices are encouraged. This policy applies during any school day from the time of arrival on campus until dismissal. There will sometimes be special dress considerations made for certain field trips. These considerations will be communicated on the permission slip.

SCS has adopted a campus-wide uniform policy. The purpose is to 1) eliminate distractions from the learning environment, 2) have our dress reflect pride in our school, 3) address modesty issues, 4) have a fair, consistent, and objective dress code, and 5) have a campus-wide plan that works toward the goal of training our students in appropriate dress.

Appropriateness of dress is first of all the responsibility of the home. We need and expect parental support to effectively maintain standards of dress. Parents are encouraged to teach their children to submit to the guidelines within the dress code.

Uniform Policy for Both Girls and Boys


  • Students are required to wear items appropriate for their size.

  • No holes or excessively frayed edges.

  • A mask may be worn throughout the day if the student desires. Avoid distracting colors or patterns.


  • All shirts must show the SCS logo from Renegades.

  • Polo shirts (long and short sleeve) with collar and buttons are available for purchase in white, navy, lt. blue or gold.

  • Grades K-8: All shirts must be tucked in.

  • Plain long sleeve shirts (white, navy, or gray) may be worn under SCS uniform shirts.

  • SCS T-shirts may be worn on Fridays.

  • Current year’s Warrior spirit shirts may be worn on Wednesdays. New shirts will be available for order at the beginning of the school year.


  • Uniform bottoms can be purchased through Renegades or Target’s uniform section (navy or khaki).

  • Uniform bottoms are to fit well and not be tight or baggy.

  • Uniform bottoms must be worn at the natural waist.

  • Grades K-1: Uniform bottoms may have an elastic waistband.

  • Girls may wear uniform-style shorts, slacks, Capri pants, or skorts. See length requirements under “Special Dress Issues for Girls.”

  • If tights or leggings are worn, they must be navy and worn under dresses or skorts.

  • Jeans – students may pay $1 on Fridays to wear jeans and support the PTF.


  • Socks should be white, navy or khaki and worn to the ankle.

  • Tennis shoes/sneakers/athletic shoes that lace up and tie, close with Velcro, or have fitted elastic laces are recommended.

  • Noise-making, wheeled, wedge or “high-heel” style sneakers are not permitted.

  • SCS students are not permitted to wear sandals, slip-ons, ballerinas, crocs, slippers, boat shoes, or other footwear styles that are inappropriate for active movement. These styles are not allowed to ensure student safety.


  • Sweaters or jackets worn in the classroom must be solid navy or white or have the Summit logo.

  • Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted at any time.

  • Students may wear other cold weather outerwear to and from school and at recess.

  • Belts – Uniform bottoms containing belt loops require a belt (black, navy, or khaki).


  • Hair must be a natural color. Extreme or distracting styles and excessive hair accessories are not al-lowed.

  • Hair is not to cover a student’s eyes. Boys may not wear ponytails, pigtails, or man buns.

  • Hair should not be shaved in distracting cuts or patterns.

Other Uniform Policy for Both Girls and Boys

  • No tattoos of any kind are permitted (including temporary tattoos).

  • Girls may wear earrings that are small in nature as to not interfere with play and PE. Students may not wear any pierced body ornaments, other than those normally worn by women in their ears. Students may not wear distracting jewelry at school or school functions.

  • Grades 5-8: PE

    • Students must wear SCS athletic shorts from Renegades.

    • Students must wear Renegades PE shirt or SCS T-shirt

Special Dress Issues for Girls

  • Girls’ shirts should be long enough that the midriff and back will not show when arms are extended above the head. All tops must cover the lower back when sitting.

  • Grades K-2: Students may wear SCS jumpers or dresses purchased through Renegades. Jumpers must be worn with the girls’ Peter Pan shirt. Girls must wear navy play shorts under jumpers and dresses.

  • All dresses, jumpers, shorts, and skorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee when kneeling.

  • No distracting headbands. Headbands are subject to each teacher’s discretion.

Violations to Dress and Hair Code

  • Students not complying with the dress code may be asked to contact their parents to have them bring proper clothing to school and/or receive an out- of-uniform slip and/or a conduct slip.

Where to Purchase

Sallee Promotions (online orders only)
8771 College Pkwy Suite 103

 Fort Myers, FL 33919

(239) 691-6736

Renegades Sportswear

17051 Jean Street, Unit 10

Fort Myers, FL 33967

(239) 275-6720

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