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Easter Letter

Dear Summit Family,

Thank you for your warm welcome to Summit Christian School. It has been an absolute joy getting to know your children! They are sweet, smart, funny, and thoughtful, and it is a privilege to spend my days with them. I am so grateful that you have partnered with Summit! Your family is a blessing to us.

In my short time here, I’ve already seen wonderful learning activities, amazing Scripture memorization (way to go, First Grade!), sweet singing, fun play, engaging read-alouds, and focused academic time. I’ve had the privilege of many hugs, a secret handshake, news of sporting events, doctors’ appointments, and birthdays. These have enriched my life immensely in this transition.

Summit’s mission is to provide an excellent education rooted in God’s Word. Our passion is to provide an outstanding learning experience for your children, and we work daily to improve in our “craft” as educators. In just my short time here, several teachers have already demonstrated this passion for continuous learning and professional growth through engaging conversations and the solicitation of professional development materials to support their efforts in the classroom. It is a special thing to work with educators committed to continuous growth! I’m thankful that God has given me the opportunity to work with Summit’s teachers, who love your children so well and strive to continuously improve their craft.

At Summit, not only do we want to be excellent educators, we want to be educators who consistently point your children to Christ. We believe that the very best education, if presented without Christ, is still lacking in what matters most. Thus, everything we do is done to facilitate our SCS Warriors becoming excellent readers, writers, thinkers, and communicators so that they leave our halls equipped to go into the world and impact it for Christ. It is only when we pair knowledge of the One True God with excellent academics that we can provide a complete education.

As we look to Easter this weekend, I hope you have time as a family to reflect on our tremendous need for a Savior, the wonderful work he has done on our behalf, and the eternal triumph we can experience through Christ alone. I am so looking forward to continuing to get to know your family better, and I am eternally grateful that God has brought me to Summit. Please reach out if you ever have need or something you’d like to discuss with me. I value every interaction I get to have with you.

Your Partner in the Gospel and Education,

Jennifer S. Mathews

Head of School

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