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In the 2024-2025 school year, Summit Christian School will offer kindergarten instruction to four-year-olds.


We are considering three program options:

AM Program- 8:00-11:15 (no fee)

PM Program- 12:00-3:15 (no fee)

All Day Program- 8:00-3:15 (fee required)


Our Voluntary Pre-K program is designed to prepare students for early literacy. A minimum of 540 instructional hours is dedicated to this program, where our staff meets and exceeds state-required credentials.


Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment in which each student will be encouraged to experiment and explore. Our curriculum consists of units that revolve around various themes and topics.


Visit today to view the Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida where you can create an account to obtain your own VPK voucher, or simply press the "Voucher Information" button below.

To get your child's name on our list and receive communication by a member of our Admissions Team, please click the "Join Summit's VPK" button below!

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