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Summit is a bit distinct in our approach to education compared to many traditional Christian schools.  Whereas many schools teach a particular curriculum (Abeka, BJU Press, etc.), we prefer to say that we teach students.  Using a standards-based approach, which focuses on what a child should know or be able to do by the end of each grade level, we compile the best resources we can find and pair them with excellent instructional methods to ensure each student is learning.  All of this is done with a distinctly Christian worldview as we aim to prepare students for a lifetime in worship of and service to our Savior.  

Our teachers have a lot of freedom to compile the resources that they think are best for their students in order to prepare them to master their grade level’s standards.   Currently, we all use i-Ready Math and pair it with the digital components of the program.  Instruction is provided by the teacher using traditional textbooks and a mixture of traditional and modern teaching methods, and this instruction is supplemented by the digital components of the program.  In this way, we can “lean into” technology to help individualize mathematics instruction so that each student can fill any gaps that exist and progress forward at their own pace.  

We are excited to implement Purposeful Design’s new ELA program in grades K-4 (and 5 once it is published) in the 2023-2024 school year.  Purposeful Design, a publication of the Association of Christian Schools International, took a standards-based approach in this new program, and we feel it very closely aligns with our view of literacy instruction with a solid biblical worldview and specific phonics and reading comprehension strategy instruction that will benefit our students.  We love that the questions include a lot of higher-order thinking and believe it will help drive our students to deep understanding and great growth in reading and writing!

Our Bible curriculum is from Christian Schools International, and does a great job of building biblical knowledge for our students.  We’ve been told that our students leave our elementary program with a very thorough and complete understanding of Christian doctrine (for their ages).  That is our goal!  Our youngest classes are also using Leading Little Ones to God, a classic text that does a phenomenal job of teaching basic doctrine to early learners.  

Science and Social Studies instruction is provided using resources by a variety of publishers, some Christian, some secular, but always taught with a Christian lens.  Over the next school year, we plan to review these materials to ensure they are still the best resources for teaching these subjects.  

All Summit students in grades K-8 benefit from a variety of elective offerings including STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Art, Music, Choir, Physical Education, and Library.  Students also get weekly or daily WIN (What I Need) Time, which helps us target specific learning needs among students.

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