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K4 & K5

We're excited to announce our eagerly anticipated K4 program, debuting in the upcoming 2024-2025 school year! This will be a wonderful foundation for our proven K5 kindergarten program. 


At the heart of our innovative curriculum lies the perfect blend of academic excellence, rigor, and a holistic approach to child development. Our program is meticulously designed to foster not only intellectual growth but also social skills, free play, fine motor skills and introducing children to Jesus. We understand the importance of a robust and well-rounded education for even our youngest learners, and our K4 and K5 programs are dedicated to providing an enriching learning environment rooted in God's Word. 

Both our K4 and K5 programs are full day programs. These youngest learners will wear uniforms and enjoy a mixture of traditional academics and free play time. Our K4 families will have the option to pick up their children early, either before lunch or before rest time each afternoon. K5 students must stay for the full day, and do not nap.


Get ready for a year of exploration, growth, and joy as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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