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Spiritual Formation

Summit Christian School exists to partner with parents desiring to provide their children with a Christ-centered, excellent educational foundation in grades PK-8.  

We believe that the academic subjects, as well as the arts and athletics are inherently biblical in that they were created by God and exist to help man know him better and grow in awe and worship.  At Summit, we prefer the term "Biblical Immersion" over "Biblical Integration".  Young Warriors are immersed in a biblical worldview; all disciplines are meant to point students toward the Saviors.  This biblical worldview is not an add-on to "regular" academic instruction.  

It is also important to note that we see an important distinction between school and Sunday school.  Although we seek to provide students with a strong Christian foundation, we exist to partner with the parents and local church in that endeavor.  Our primary purpose is to produce excellent thinkers, readers, writers, and communicators so that our students can transform the world for the glory of Christ. 

At Summit, literature becomes a means of learning more about human nature and thinking about what happens when individuals elevate Christ in their lives, and what happens when they do not.  Writing becomes a means of ultimately communicating the Gospel and a biblical worldview effectively. Mathematics teach us that God is a God of order.  In science we learn about the intricacies with which God has created the world.  History teaches us of man's depravity and provides us with examples of sin we must stand against as well as heroes of the faith after whom we can model our lives.  

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