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Flourish Program

Helping every student to FLOURISH!

The aim of education is to promote human flourishing, the living out of what God intended His created image bearers to be: by pursuing truth about God, His universe, and humankind (ourselves and others); by knowing, understanding, and effectively using knowledge and skills for wise living; and by acting ethically; thereby growing personally and serving and benefiting society - all to the glory of God.  

- Martha E. MacCullough, Ed. D

We believe that Christian schools should gladly serve students with a variety of needs, whether that’s added academic support to meet grade-level benchmarks, or enrichment to soar above grade level requirements as especially academically-gifted students.  With that in mind, we are thrilled to roll out our new Flourish Program in the 2023-2024 school year as we continue to grow in our ability to serve all children with excellence.

Please Note: Parentally placed private school students with a disability do not have an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that the student would receive if enrolled in public school under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Our program is not a special education program. Rather, it is a program to support students with disabilities and learning differences in compliance with Section 504.



Services for Students with Exceptional Learning Needs

Some students need additional support in order to reach their highest potential in the classroom.  For these students, we are rolling out our new Cultivate program, through which a certified special education teacher will provide additional help and enrichment to students.  

This program will include 1-2 individual or small group sessions (depending on student need) during regular, 5-day weeks, as well as push-in time in the classroom, support of regular classroom teachers and helping to modify assignments and assessments appropriately, providing a separate testing location as needed, frequent communication with parents of students in the program, and an annual report of each child's goals and progress toward them. The annual cost of the program is $1200.  The Step Up for Students Unique Abilities Scholarship may be applied to this cost, and Summit may have additional scholarship funds available as well.

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Services for Students with Outstanding Academic Results

We are excited to announce a new program at Summit for students needing more academic challenge! SOAR stands for Students with Outstanding Academic Results.  Students will be eligible for the program if they score a 90% or higher on their final assessment (either the NWEA MAP or i-Ready Diagnostic) in math or reading. Parents who wish to enroll their eligible child will be responsible for an additional $1500/year fee to help cover the program's instructor and materials. The program will meet weekly, likely 3-5 times per 5-day week, and provide academic challenge and enrichment across the subject areas depending on student interest.

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