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At Summit, we are committed to hiring outstanding educators who are passionate about two things: their relationship with Jesus and providing students with an excellent academic experience that reaches all learners.  We work hard to grow in our craft, and we strive to model authentic Christian faith daily.  Christian education is both our ministry and our vocation, and we believe an excellent education will help produce world-changers who impact every aspect of life for Jesus.

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We are educators who are striving to “do school” differently.  We are lifelong learners, committed to professional growth and development, and we want to do what is best for students based on current academic research. We also want to have balanced lives, working hard during school hours, and being fully present for our families and friends during non-working hours.  

We want to honor our students’ families and the important role that parents must play in their child’s education.  We recognize that our students are whole people with full lives that extend outside of the school day, and we strive to help our students and their families achieve balance as well.  

We do all these things for the glory of God and out of true love for our Savior.

If this sounds like you, we would love to explore the possibility of adding you to our team!  You can find the application here.  Every application we receive will be given careful consideration.  If you seem like a good fit for SCS, we will proceed with an interview.  To get to know you better and see you in action, we may invite you to do a demonstration lesson with some of our students.  Then, after prayer and careful consideration, if it seems like a good fit, we will invite you to join our Warrior team!  

We are excited about the growth our school is experiencing, and we are trusting God to bring us fantastic educators to join our team and help us fulfill our mission of providing an excellent education rooted and grounded in God’s Word to students in grades K4-8.

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Current Openings

Thank you for your interest in working at Summit! Available positions are below.


No positions at this time.


No positions at this time.

Middle School

Part Time Math and Bible (mornings)


No positions at this time.


No positions at this time.

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