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2023-2024 Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Jennifer Mathews, Head of School

Mrs. Megan Polidan, Admissions Coordinator

Mr. Bart Sheldrake, Athletic Director and Teacher

Ms. Tina Johnson, Business Office

Mrs. Lily Najarro, Front Office

Mrs. Sunny Fuller, Kindergarten

Mrs. Lauren Hurley, Kindergarten

Mrs. Cindy Santarelli, First Grade

Ms. Skylar Simon, Second Grade

Mrs. Emye Sanchez, Third Grade

Mrs. Beth Levy, Fourth Grade

Mrs. Stacia Murphy, Fifth Grade, Latin

Mr. Phil Cartwright, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade Math

Mrs. Cindi Wilkens, Middle School English, History, and Bible

Mrs. Ana Buda, Middle School Math

Mr. Jayson Blondin, Middle School English, Bible, and Art

Mrs. Darbi Lamrani, Middle School History and Music

Mrs. Maddie Szatkowski, Gifted Education and Special Education

Mr. Kevin, Security

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