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Reflecting on God's Faithfulness in 2023; Looking Ahead to 2024

I will sing of the loving devotion of the LORD forever; with my mouth I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 89:1

2023 was a wonderful year for the Summit Family! Our growing student body made excellent academic growth, our facilities got a facelift, we added new, highly-credentialed teachers to our team, and we expanded our programming. This growth led to us being a finalist for "Best Private School in Fort Myers 2023"! Praise God for his faithfulness to our school!

Here's what a Summit parent had to say recently:

I am very thankful to have my son at Summit Christian School this year! The year is off to a great start and I have found the teachers and the administrative staff to be wonderful so far. The school is brand new inside and the staff truly has a heart for our Lord Jesus Christ, which is awesome to experience. I know my son is being challenged but also loved with the fruit of the spirit. He comes home excited and happy to go back the next day. A small and loving school, small class sizes and the great staff and it's a recipe for amazing things. Keep up the great work SCS!

Thank You for Voting Us Best of the Gulfshore Private Schools 2023, Finalist!

Help us win in 2024! Write us in under Lee County --> Services --> Private School here:

Outstanding Student Growth in May 2023

In both reading and math, Summit students outperformed their peers by exceeding typical growth amounts. Our students also outperformed their peers in meeting stretch growth measures. 44% of students met stretch measures in reading, and 31% met them in math. Another 14% were 80% or better towards reaching stretch growth goals in math, and 7% of students likewise almost met their stretch growth goals in reading.


Typical Growth: the average annual growth of students at each grade and placement level. Typical Growth allows you to see how a student is growing compared to average student growth at the same grade and placement level.

Stretch Growth: the growth recommended to put below-grade level students on a path to proficiency and on-grade level students on a path to advanced proficiency levels. Students who are further behind have larger growth benchmarks to catch them up, and it will likely take many students more than one year to achieve proficiency.

This is evidence that Summit's teachers outperform their peers, too! Praise God for the wonderful educators we have!

Updated Facilities

New flooring throughout our main building, freshly painted doors and accent walls, an updated and upgraded library and media space, and new furniture for our kindergarten spaces were just some of the updates made on our campus.

Upgrade Security

Student safety is a priority for us, and we made several updates to improve this area including adding a security guard, implementing a security camera system, and other upgrades that must be kept confidential for our students' safety.

National Honor Society

As part of our efforts to continue to build a culture of academic excellence and honor student achievement, we added chapters of the National Junior Honor Society and the National Elementary Honor Society.

New FLOURISH Program

As we pursue diversity within our student body and continued our aim to provide all students with access to an excellent, Christ-centered education, we added the Cultivate Program for students with unique learning needs, and the SOAR Program for students with outstanding academic results.

The aim of education is to promote human flourishing, the living out of what God intended His created image bearers to be: by pursuing truth about God, His universe, and humankind (ourselves and others); by knowing, understanding, and effectively using knowledge and skills for wise living; and by acting ethically; thereby growing personally and serving and benefiting society - all to the glory of God.  - Martha E. MacCullough, Ed. D

Accreditation Visit - Passed with Flying Colors!

We earned our highest marks to date from the visiting Peer Review Team from Christian Schools of Florida. Here's some of what they had to say about our program:

The Bible is definitely the foundation of everything that happens at Summit. Students are taught the worldview approach from preschool, and students are well versed in Scripture. Through interviews it was apparent children are continuously building a relationship with Jesus and were overflowing with joy as they spoke about their ability to learn about God throughout all daily instruction and activities.

Summit Christian School is committed to academic rigor and develops and implements a curriculum based on clearly-defined learner outcomes, for students with diverse learning needs, and maintains written curricular alignment in scope and sequence which includes a Christian philosophy of teaching and learning; instructional objectives and learner outcomes; student assessments; course outlines that identify concepts; and materials and resources used to accomplish the goals and outcomes.

Summit Christian School has a highly qualified faculty and staff. They are credentialed and passionate about their ministry. Daily interactions and teacher and parent interviews suggest that the staff is happy, enthusiastic, and optimistic about the school’s future. 

Summit Christian School's mission statement, “Summit Christian School’s mission is to minister to students and their families by providing an excellent education rooted in God’s Word,” accurately reflects the heart of the school.

Praise God for his continued faithfulness to our school, and for honoring the hard work of our parents, students, faculty and staff, and WPC church members that work together to make Summit Christian School such a wonderful place to grow and flourish!

Record-Breaking Gala and First Annual Luau

With 125 people in attendance and more than $40,000 raised, 2023's was our most successful gala to date! This fall we had our first ever annual luau "friend-raiser", with 95 in attendance and wonderful volunteer participation!

We can't wait for our 2024 Gala and hope you can attend! Click the image for more information and to purchase your tickets.

New Programs, Special Days, and More!

In 2023, we added Latin instruction for grades 3-8, honors classes in middle school, expanded our athletic offerings, added new electives for our middle school students, learned robotics in our STEM classes, hosted a parent math night, cheered on Swampee and the Mighty Mussels, celebrated the "Grand" people in our lives, had our second middle school retreat, sang our hearts out at our concerts, celebrated Prairie Day and our 100th Day, and so much more. It was a year packed with special events and people!

Chasing God's Heart as ONE

We spent 2023 Chasing God's Heart in the '22-23 school year, and learning how to be ONE: Love, Spirit, and Mind in the '23-24 school year. In all things, we want to point students and their families to Christ as we grow together. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

We can't wait to see what he has for us in 2024!

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