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What does it mean to offer a college preparatory education?

At Summit, we believe that every child deserves a college-preparatory education. We offer honors courses in middle school and a special class for students performing at or above the 90th percentile to challenge our brightest students. 

By individualizing our instruction and working to ensure that every student masters grade level content, we use best practices to address learning gaps or special learning challenges in the regular classroom and as part of our Cultivate program for students with unique learning needs.

We strive to help every student acquire the necessary foundation for a successful life glorifying God and utilizing his/her unique gifts to benefit others.


K4 and K5

We want to challenge and create a love of learning for our youngest learners with a blend of Mr. Rogers-style play and exploration, and laying a rigorous academic foundation, led by the child's developmental readiness for learning.

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Individualized instruction helps develop a strong academic and biblical foundation. Engaging instructional practices, limited iPad use, play, and exploration mark our program. We want our students to fall in love with learning!

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Small class sizes, 1:1 Chromebooks, and emphasis on relationship-building help our middle school students navigate this exciting time in life. Each student is known and valued. No getting lost in the crowd here!


Here's what our accreditor's independent review team had to say about our school.

Accreditation is a process by which an independent team certifies that a school is functioning properly and meets established standards for things like academics, facilities, and governance.  It’s important because the team, with no affiliation with the school, provides a thorough analysis of all aspects of a school by reviewing hundreds of artifacts such as budgets, files, curriculum maps, assessments, etc. and conducting stakeholder interviews to determine whether or not the school is fulfilling its moral and legal obligations to students and their families.

The Bible is definitely the foundation of everything that happens at Summit. Students are taught the worldview approach from preschool, and students are well versed in Scripture. Through interviews it was apparent children are continuously building a relationship with Jesus and were overflowing with joy as they spoke about their ability to learn about God throughout all daily instruction and activities.

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